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ensure top-level security

Digital security solutions for commericial and government agencies

Blue Chip provides digital security solutions for commercial businesses and government institutions.

Security is top priority

Dedicate focus on structured data storage and access control

Data storage and access control go hand in hand. Every large organization has a critical data set they must protect. With Blue Chip aboard, we will come up with clear, concise ways to store and access data across your organization.

Not only will this aid in your security, but it will enable your organization to be less siloed, and move quickly with less expenses. Access enabling technologies like GraphQL and security concepts such as ZeroTrust can help paint a solid strategy for you.

Don't just take our word for it.

Start prioritizing IT security

Your business deserves the best. Blue Chip has processes in place to help you acheive your goals with confidence. We move fast and deliver quality results.
  • IT Budget Optimization
  • Software Architecture
  • Legacy Software Modernization
  • Cloud Migration
  • Private Cloud Setup
  • Data Strategy
  • Alternative Staffing Models
  • Mobile Development
  • Customer Experience
Meeting with employees

Greater security leads to greater results.

Technology gets obsolete quickly, and companies must continually evolve to stay competitive. We create business specific applications designed to maximize returns on investments. Take steps to ensure that your eventual evolution can be a progressive one, not one requiring radical change.

Server Hardware
Use generic server hardware

Except for your mainframes, hardware should be treated as a commodity. Containerization and Orchestration technologies like Docker and Kubernetes make it very easy to decouple hardware from applications. It's both a cheaper way to go, and adds extra capabilities like self healing.

Establish a healthy last mile development program

Software development and process optimization go hand in hand. Organizations create multiple divisions and business units so that they can move independently and move much more rapidly. The same applies to development. Engaging your subject matter experts and interested parties directly in the development process will provide a competitive edge.

Structure these independent applications with a set of rules for security and data storage, to make it easy to fold into enterprise level development once they become large enough. Additionally, we are entering the age of the citizen coder, where tools are sophisticated enough that it doesn't require a masters degree to write computer programs. Embrace this early.

Tech Circle

FDIC Services

Blue Chip has had tremendous success working with partner organizations providing leadership in technical strategy and pragmatic data initiatives to create substantial value for the FDIC.

Areas Served

  • Division of Recieverships and Resolutions (DRR)
  • Business Information Services (BIS)
  • Business Operation Services (BOS)
  • Strategic Ops
  • Innovation Labs
  • Investigations
  • Complex Financial Institutions


  • 10+ Years with FDIC, including through the 2008 financial crisis
  • Multiple Subcontracts
  • 25+ Bank Closures across multiple roles
  • Pioneered Last Mile Development (Business Lead Development)
  • Software Architecture for 25+ applications
  • Optimized Government Spend

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